Jade Roller set Green

Jade Roller set Green

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The perfect gift to add to your candle order!

the jade stone roller set is made of stone, and feels very cool on the skin. roll the face roller over your face for a smooth surface. The jade stone ensures a awake and fit face

the face roller reduces puffiness and fine lines. our advice is to apply this every evening or morning or both. the jade face roller is effective for blood circulation.

The large roller is for face and neck massage. The small roller is for under the eyes and small areas of the face.

Tip: Apply a serum cream or oil to your skin to let the massage work. The roller helps to absorb the serum onto your skin.

The roller and scraper can both be used cold or hot. Think of heating the tools in warm water or cooling them from the fridge.

using the scraper:
scrape from face to hairline, then to neck. This is an old method of improving blood circulation, and it also has a relaxing effect.

- color may differ from the photo because every jade stone is different.
- color green